Biotech Leaders Academy

Biotech is an industry of the future. With its growing presence and strength in Los Angeles, the LA Bioscience Hub wants to ensure that this industry reflects the diversity and dynamism of Los Angeles. To help achieve this vision we launched the Biotech Leaders Academy in 2016. 

Biotech Leaders Academy has two key components: (1) an entrepreneurship and career pathways seminar and (2) paid internships at local biotech firms.

Program Participants
LA Bioscience Hub is working with students from East Los Angeles College (ELAC), Los Angeles City College (LACC), and Pasadena City College (PCC). The program focuses on community college students on a bioscience track. Students are primarily in the 2nd and 3rd years of their coursework working towards degrees in biology, microbiology, chemistry, and biochemistry. All of our students will have completed fundamental science and lab courses prior to the their summer internships.

About the Entrepreneurship Seminar
The entrepreneurship seminar exposes students from diverse backgrounds to the spectrum of careers available in the life science industry, including the entrepreneurship pathway. Our five-part seminar introduces students to the complex process of forming a successful biotech company. The sessions equip students with the tools they need for a career in biotechnology and empower them to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. We foster entrepreneurship through learning modules that cover a variety of topics, including technology transfer, moving research from the lab to commercialization, securing capital, and building a team for success. Through Biotech Leaders Academy, we're cultivating our region’s next generation of bioscience company founders, CEOs, COOs, and CTOs. Students will meet local industry professionals and connect to local resources that can support their professional growth and success here in LA. 

About the Paid Internships
The program pairs select students with paid internships at growing bioscience companies and incubators to provide students with hands-on work experience that is critical in this competitive field. Participating bioscience companies and incubators are our Industry Partners. The internship component is modeled after work study programs, with LA Bioscience Hub and the Industry Partners jointly funding student compensation.

The following companies and organizations are participating as our Industry Partners, each providing our program students with rich internship experiences: