Laura M. Ramirez, PHD [Board Member]
vice president, Academic Affairs, east los angeles College

Laura M. Ramirez is Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Education at East Los Angeles College.  She has served the college as the Dean of Career and Technical Education and Dean of Academic Affairs.  She began her tenure at East Los Angeles College as a full time faculty member in the Chemistry Department. She taught introductory and general chemistry courses and was elected to serve as Department Chair. She completed a B.S. in Chemistry at UCLA (1997) and a M.S. in Chemistry at California State University Fullerton (2002).  Her research experience at UCLA under the Physiological Sciences Department involved reconstructing 3-D images taken by confocal microscopy.  She also completed research under the auspices of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Scientific Services Bureau and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in conjunction with her thesis research study.  More recently, Ramirez completed her Doctorate in Education at CSUF (2015).