ABOUT LA Bioscience hub

The LA Bioscience Hub brings together the public, private, educational, and nonprofit sectors to support the growth and success of the bioscience industry in the LA Bioscience Corridor, along Valley Boulevard in East LA.


The LA Bioscience Hub is the advocacy, policy and communications arm of the LA Bioscience Corridor located in East Los Angeles. The LA Bioscience Hub will promote economic and workforce development within the bioscience industry in Los Angeles County.  It will bring together the public, private, educational and non-profit sectors to support the growth of the bioscience industry, with a focus on East Los Angeles.

The LA Bioscience Hub will support the development and growth of bioscience related research, development and manufacturing enterprises in East Los Angeles.  It will brand and promote an LA Bioscience Corridor in order to attract public and private investments into the area.

The LA Bioscience Hub will advocate for policies and programs that support the economic, workforce and infrastructure development of the area.


The LA Bioscience Hub envisions an economically thriving LA Bioscience Corridor brimming with opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, a skilled-workforce, local university talent, and private investment.

Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Photo Credit for Homepage: Nottingham Trent University