LA Bioscience Hub is the conduit to opportunity in the LA Bioscience Corridor. We introduce and facilitate real estate development opportunities to those interested in building creative, flexible office or lab space for small-to-mid sized companies. We aim to help spin-offs from the region’s universities and research institutions find the space they need to thrive and grow in the Corridor. There is plenty of opportunity in the Corridor to create new innovation spaces that create jobs and support a more vibrant and innovative local economy. In collaboration with key partners we conduct tours of the LA Bioscience Corridor to connect real estate and bioscience professionals to opportunities in the area.

Placemaking is another key component of our vision for a thriving LA Bioscience Corridor. We identify and help address the infrastructure needs of the Corridor to ensure that its surrounding community and future bioscience firms can benefit from improved transportation access, safety and walkability, utility provision, and stormwater management. To bring these critical investments to the Corridor, LA Bioscience Hub will coordinate the public and private sectors, and pursue strategic and creative avenues for funding and action.

If you’re interested in the Corridor’s potential for becoming a bioscience cluster and want to learn more about our tours and events, please contact us here.

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